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Mediation is an informal, voluntary and confidential process whereby a neutral party called a mediator facilitates settlement discussions between disputing persons, to help them resolve the issues about which there is disagreement.

Whether disputes arise between co-workers (or workers and their supervisors/managers) or whether conflicts result from problematic interrelationships with consumers or others, mediation is a helpful forum for settling disputes in a mutually satisfactory and conciliatory way.

Mediation is a conciliatory forum which provides for:
- confidentiality
- a non-adversarial way to settle matters
- creative solutions tailor-made to suit the disputing parties’ needs and concerns
- the opportunity for people to resolve issues in dispute in accordance with their   particular interests, needs and concerns
- a quick forum for resolution · a win-win outcome
- a less expensive alternative than arbitration and litigation
- the opportunity to facilitate an improved and continuing relationship  
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