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Noble Solutions Inc. offers - in-house - a highly interactive three day program in which managers and others learn mediation skills that apply to the workplace context. The courses are designed to suit the organization.
The objectives of this workplace training program are to provide participants with the opportunity to:
- contextualize disputes that occur in the workplace, examining the reasons and impact
- learn the role of the mediator and how to mediate workplace issues through such techniques as interactive exercises, case analysis and group discussions
- consider matters such as strong emotions, cultural differences, power imbalances, gender issues, participation by representatives "at the table"
- examine best practices in mediating workplace disputes
- learn and practice mediation coaching techniques

HR professionals, union representatives, leaders, and others responsible for resolving disputes in organizations.
For optimum learning, the number of participants is limited.

Noble Solutions Inc. provides mediation training as part of designing dispute resolution programs, or as a separate service for management and associates alike. Specific training programs can be tailor-made for the types of disputes encountered by particular companies and organizations. Noble Solutions Inc. also conducts private training in workplace dispute resolution and family mediation.

Training in mediation helps managers/supervisors to manage and address conflicts in the workplace. Training employees similarly achieves the objective of helping staff consider constructive ways to handle disputes with co-workers, managers, customers and others.
Training in mediation:
- provides workplace staff with the opportunity to gain insight into their own conflict behaviours and learn the tools to address disputes in a positive way
- helps to deflect high emotions that result from disputes
- helps instil a philosophical framework for respectful problem-solving
- provides staff with conciliatory ways to resolve conflict

For more information, please contact us at:
e-mail: noble@noblesolutions.net
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