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Noble Solutions Inc.helps organizations and businesses to design dispute resolution systems that suit their company culture and needs of their staff.

Increasingly, organizations and companies are developing an infrastructure specific to their needs, to address conflicts that may arise in the workplace. Depending on the number of staff, the nature of the work, the culture of the workplace, the level of existing conflict and so on, organizations and companies must firstly assess the level and type of conflicts that may exist. It is then necessary to establish protocols and procedures required to rectify the situations that negatively impact on the workplace. A proactive approach will help prevent many problems that can be attended to before they escalate to irretrievable heights.

The thoughtful design of a dispute resolution program is a way for an organization or business to manage conflict in a constructive and user-friendly way. Such systems facilitate the effective and timely management of disputes while conveying to all concerned that they are an entity that values compatibility, constructive approaches to problem-solving and conciliatory working relations.

A system for conflict management provides organizations with best practices for:
- identifying and monitoring conflictual areas within the organization and or identifying   and monitoring areas of concern pertaining to consumer relations
- improving relationships among employees and/or with customers and the community
- establishing user-friendly mechanisms for receiving and resolving conflicts in the workplace
- preventing future conflict
- encouraging positive and productive relationships - internally and externally
- monitoring disruptions  
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